What can you do during Lockdown

  1. COVID-19, one of the deadliest viruses has incurred unforgettable losses to families, as well as immense slowdown and stagnation to economies worldwide. Unfortunately, Coronavirus is here to stay for a while, so do not let this virus stop you from doing what best can be done during these testing times. Do not lose hope and don’t let this virus weaken you. Lockdown is a temporary measure taken by Government of various nations to slow down the spread of virus and to take appropriate steps to combat Coronavirus.

Businesses have suffered huge losses and people have lost their jobs because of massive economic slump caused by COVID19. We cannot wait further without doing anything. Therefore, we have to become more aware, decisive, proactive and think of businesses that can be started from home during lockdown. Some of the popular businesses that can be started are described below:

Selling healthcare products

With the emergence of lockdown, homemade or small scale mask making and hand sanitizer production have increased drastically to meet the surge in demand of a variety of face masks and hand sanitizers. Several entrepreneurs, small business owners, self-employed professionals, SMEs and MSMEs have opted to start face mask manufacturing and hand sanitizer business, shutting down their already existing businesses during lockdown. To sell their products; business owners or manufacturers can directly contact local shops, retailers and wholesalers to sell it further to local customers. 

Doorstep Delivery Business

In future years, online delivery business will be at boom and customers will prefer buying products online, rather than visiting grocery stores, malls and shopping complexes where there will be more possibility of getting infected. Doorstep delivery is the best alternative business during the lockdown period, in which various types of delivery services can be initiated, such as essential items delivery, grocery delivery, pharmaceuticals delivery and alcohol delivery. Respective licenses shall be required to be obtained from concerned authority to start a specific delivery business.

Food Delivery or Tiffin Service

Recently, the Indian Central Government granted permission to restaurants and food outlets to sell food via online platforms and deliver it with the help of delivery vendors. You can also start a new business by starting a kitchen of popular or desired cuisine that is in demand in your area. The initial investment required is minimal that requires purchase of raw materials with skilled and professional staff, including chef, helper, etc.

Online Tuition Classes

Students are struggling to reach schools and colleges amid COVID19 outbreak, their education is getting hampered with the passing of time. To make the most of this situation; professionals with knowledge, skills and expertise in any specific field or subject can start online tuition or coaching classes for students. You just need to have a laptop, an internet connection and smartphone to start with online tuition classes.

Becoming a YouTuber

People have started earning a decent amount from online social media platforms, among those YouTube is considered as the most lucrative and popular. Yes, becoming a YouTuber is trending, if you are really passionate and possess a unique style or aura to make as many followers or subscribers of your channel. This idea of becoming a YouTuber can churn you as a regular source of income. Earnings from YouTube is based on only one funda that is more the subscribers, more is the earning.

Paintings or Art work

Artists have ample amount of time to showcase their talent by their paintings or any specific art form. Artists are well-equipped with the material required and just have to present a virtual exhibition online to sell your art work and further deliver it at the customer’s address. If artists have sufficient space to display their paintings, they can launch an event and exhibit their talent.

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